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SCR Ch. 2: The Berry
Sozin's Comet Revisited
Azula sat perched on her red chair trimmed with the finest gold, like a sleek cat lounging confidently on a piece of furniture as if it owns the entire place. One of her servants gently brushed the soft, long hair draped over her shoulders and the other held out a glass bowl of cherries for the hungry princess to munch on. Azula plucked each individual cherry carefully from the bowl and rolled the perfect piece of fruit between her sleek fingers, before popping it into her mouth and slipping her hand back in the bowl for another one.
Stop shaking! The servant of the cherries instructed herself nervously, There’s nothing to be afraid of. Everything will run smoothly. As soon as she finishes this bowl, it will all be over…the petrified servant bit her lip and tried to smile. Azula turned to her suspiciously. Azula noticed everything.
She snatched another cherry. The servant couldn’t stop her heart from pounding violently as she
:iconamy-anne:Amy-Anne 6 11
SCR Ch. 1: The Beach
As a disappointed Zutarian and Avatard, I’ve decided to revisit the very-lacking Avatar: the Last Airbender finale (aka Sozin’s Comet) and…freshen it up a little bit. ;) Muah ha ha. I’m beginning this adventure as our favorite heroes are making their way back to the beach house after a devastating performance by the Ember Island Players…
Sozin's Comet Revisited

“That was…not a good show.” Zuko stated the obvious. Everyone chuckled and solemnly agreed. Aang slumped ahead of the group as they slowly made their way across the shore of the sandy beach towards the abandoned summer home on Ember Island-- their most recent hiding place. His staff scrapped against the sand, leaving a long trail. Sokka nudged Suki – a little bit too hard – and nearly sent her sprawling into the wavy water. Revenge burned in Suki’s eyes as she grabbed Sokka’s elbow and dragged him into the waves with her.
Eventually the shore became rocky, and To
:iconamy-anne:Amy-Anne 11 20
Mai's Nightmare
~So, I actually wrote this a long time ago, you know, back in the good old days of epic Avatar Anticipation--just after the DoBS Part II aired, as a matter of fact; after our hero Zuko had finally left his knife-throwing chick behind *woot woot* to get on with his greater destiny. In this piece Mai is describing a very interesting nightmare she's had. Consider this the only Maiko tribute I will ever publish. And maybe it's a Mai tribute, too. Cuz you know how I just love them both. XP Muah ha ha.
* Pssst. Keep an eye out for famous Maiko lines XD*
Mai's Nightmare: The Black Rose Petals
I was strolling around the village on a dreadfully sunny day. Nothing else to do, no where else to be.  As usual. I yawned and blinked at a fat man complaining about the price of komodo chicken, and across the street a pregnant woman holding a wailing baby, a toddler clutching her leg and screaming about fire flakes. I sighed as I turned a corner and suddenly the gro
:iconamy-anne:Amy-Anne 11 13
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321: Behind the Scenes
.:The contents below explain what occurred behind the scenes of the Avatar: The Last Airbender episode Avatar Aang, as the material shown in this episode does make everything quite as clear as it should be:.
Because they didn't tell you the whole story...
Hakoda wrapped his arms around his children and looked into their shining blue eyes. They sparkled in the sunlight just like Kya's did.  The wind whipped Katara's long hair and softly brushed his face. He took a deep breath and embraced his children more tightly. And as the three of them stood there, the wind whipping their clothes and making them sway ever so gently, they could feel her presence and their hearts swelled with love and relief, and at last the bitter emptiness that had haunted them for so long drifted away with the wind.
Finally Hakoda gently broke the peaceful silence,
"I know your mother would be proud of you."
Katara felt tears
:iconamy-anne:Amy-Anne 56 38
AtLA: Exploring Canon
I just finished watching the most anticipated four episodes of Avatar.
It was all beautiful and epic, it had me seriously shaking in my chair. I think that I bit all of my nails off.
But, as a lot of people have complained about...the last eight minutes  or so were...ugh.
I was disapointed.
Severly disapointed with the canoned ships T___T
MAIKO: Did He Really Love Her?
When all of a sudden Mai's crisp voice hissed through my computer speakers--"Need some help?" I leaped up from my chair and wailed, "Oh no, good gracious, please no, I beg of you!".
Because I knew what was coming.
Let's take a step back and explore some things.
Zuko KNOWS that Mai betrayed Azula. He saw her.
And he is not dumb (remember his sunstone trick in the Firebending Masters?). Judging by the fact that he spent most of his life around his sister and has fought her on several painful occastions, he knows that you don't want to get on Azula's bad side. He KNOWS tha
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Electrifying Passion
A Zutara Week Contribution
~Electrifying Passion~
“Like this?” Aang inquired as he leaped gently from one foot to the other and delicately threw a perfectly rounded ball of fire. His gray eyes widened and shone as he watched the golden flames of his creation flicker for a while before disappearing into the blue sky. He grinned broadly and turned to face his teacher.
“It’s magical, Sifu Hotman. It’s just like air, except colourful and vibrant and…alive.”
Zuko nodded grimly. “Well, sure. Except fire comes from within you, from the energy of your heart, your soul, your passion, while air is just…there. Its just wind.”
Aang glared at him.
“Special wind, of course.” Zuko coughed.
Sokka stood up and folded his sleeping bag. “Technically, there is air within you, in your lungs, but you can’t prove that there’s actually fire in your body. I mean, how ridiculous is that…if there
:iconamy-anne:Amy-Anne 18 8
314-315: Did Maiko find a way?
The Boiling Rock Analysis:
-Clearing away the emotional muck that Maiko left behind
-Is Maiko real enough to find a way?

This was made specifically for Zutarians…if you are  a hard-core Maikoian than I don’t know why in the world  you would waste your time reading this.
I will immediately hide any disrespectful comments by Kataangers/Maikoians. Flaming is just plain immature, thank you very much.
I do not expect you to agree with me or share my opinions, but I certainly do expect that you will respect my right to share them.

NOW THEN…Zutarians…I highly recommend that you go shake out your piggy bank and head to the nearest DVD store to pick up a copy of Book 3 Volume 3. Then come home, pop it into the DVD player, get comfy on the couch, sit back, relax, and enjoy the Boiling Rock part 1 &2. And don’t you DARE allow Maiko worries to creep into your mind.
Because there'
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So...I just realized that the key ingredient of my shampoo is pequi fruit, the berry that Uncle Iroh says in CoTL "causes blindness"


Yeah. And it that isn't creepy enough, my Japanese friend just gave me some candy. The flavor?

Lychee. You know, the nut mentioned in Jet and elsewhere ("hey smellerbee, ya gonna eat your lychee nuts?")


The Avatar fruit is haunting me. O.o


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I'm sorry if I seem like a stalker or somewhat rude, but why haven't you put any new material up now? Are you alright...have you lost interest? Does anyknow where AmyAnne went? It's been 2 years and a half years since we heard from her!
glowingqueen Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2011
The improved Maiko is the problem. It seems that the interactions with Zuko and Katara went down to zero. Katara didn't object to Aang and Zuko's promise to each other and fought alongside Aang in figthing the Fire Nations soldiers to the point Zuko restrained her. The Zutarian in me just broke now. At least, Toph and Sokka are getting nauseous with the excessive fluffines of Katara and Aang. Pet names, seriously?
glowingqueen Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2011
What does anyone think of the new released panels of the A:TLA "The Promise" comics? Me and daydreamer22 were discussing it a couple of minutes ago and we agree that it makes us sick! Here's what my friend said
"To be honest, what I saw in those panels made me furious. How dare they do that to Zuko?! Hasn't he been through enough already? Iroh already taught him what's important in life and he already found himself and accepted his destiny in A:TLA. He became the good, kind-hearted person he was meant to be! So why are they ruining his character development? He has already dealt with his father issues, he would never go crazy with power like his father, come on!
Don't even get me started on the "sweetie" crap. I wouldn't like that silly shit even if I was a hardcore Kataanger, it's just ridiculous!
Since we haven't gotten the whole story yet, I can't truly speak my mind about this, but from what I've seen so far, I have a feeling I won't like "The Promise" at all."
Rotneybot Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Ok, I'm not used to this, but here goes. I saw that Deviation that you made about why we ship Zutara, and i just wanted to say that I have a very simple reason for that, which would cover it all. My reason is...Why wouldn't we? Why should we not do something that we believe in? And why should we hide it from the world if we do. Let us be proud of what we are. And's based on the truth right there. The two characters are so...perfect. They match, and they are two halves to the same whole. So once again, why wouldn't we?
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